it's time to Finally start creating a life you love!

Does this sound like you?

+You’re feeling unfulfilled in your work, in your relationships,
and in your life in general

+There’s a huge gap between your dreams
and your reality

+You often find yourself asking the question,
“why am I here?”

+You often wish you could run away and
not tell anyone where you’re going

Well what if I told you that it didn't have to be that way?

Just imagine what life would be like if you could finally have... 

+A career that you were so passionate about
that it dIdn't even feel like a work

+A relationship that was
unconditionally loving and supportive

+A lifestyle that even in your wildest dreams
you would never believe was possible


An online spiritual healing and meditation program designed to

deepen your connection to your higher wisdom
empower your intuition
so that you can finally start creating a life that you love!

I know how you're feeling because I've been there.

And because I've been there, I can say with the utmost confidence
that by using the meditations and exercises that I share with you on this program,
I have been able to ...

+Walk away from a career that was absolutely
draining my energy and start a whole new career
doing something I am incredibly passionate about
+Walk away from all of the unhealthy relationships
that were no longer serving me and replace them with loving
and supportive relationships that help me along my journey
to fulfill my purpose
+Heal decades' worth of wounds and resentments that
I was carrying around with me and open myself up
to greater love and abundance

Now I want to help you do the same 

I have combined all of the most powerful tools and techniques that I have learned from working with various other healers and coaches, as well as some of my personal favorite meditations and healing practices, and put them together to create this one life-changing online program.

Are you ready to start creating a life that you love?

The Heart & Soul Connection

contains 4 modules...

In module 1

We help you connect with your higher wisdom and supercharge your intuition
so that you can navigate through life with ease and certainty

In module 2

We help you heal from past relationships and experiences
that are holding you back from living your full potential

In module 3

We help you get clear on the purpose for why you’re here and what you need to do right now
to bring yourself into alignment with that purpose

In module 4

We help you to paint a clear picture for your future and all of the abundance out there waiting for you
to start living your full potential, and we set powerful intentions to support you in achieving that potential

Each module contains the following...

+Various video lectures explaining the contents for each module

+Powerful, visually-guided meditations designed to bring healing and higher self-wisdom to the surface
+Downloadable PDF files of the exercises so you can dive deeper into what you discovered during the meditation, and to help reinforce what the meditations revealed to you
+A mantra that you will repeat at least once a day, for however many days you are working on that particular module, to make sure you are a vibrational match for what it is you are trying to accomplish and to place your order with the universe to ensure your own success.


Buy the entire program today
for only $997 and get


Or sign up for our exclusive VIP package

The VIP package takes this powerful online program and combines it with 10 personalized one-on-one healing sessions. With these healing sessions I am able to tune into your personal healing needs and get you past your emotional blocks, so that you can truly transform all areas of your life. 

With these healing sessions I am able to intuitively tune into your personal healing needs and get you past your emotional blocks, so that you can truly transform all areas of your life. 

+ We will quickly identify the fears and limiting beliefs that are working beneath the surface at a subconscious level. 

+ We will identify the core child hood wounds that created those fears and limiting beliefs in the first place, and heal them.

+ Finally with a powerful combination of energy healing, emotional releasing and intention setting, we will get you into the vibration of creating what it is that you really want. 

Together with the online program, these tools have the power
to help you create a life that you never even dreamed possible!


Before I forget, let me introduce myself!

Hi! I'm Maria!

I’m an adventure seeking, bijou hoarding, nature loving, beach bumming, high-vibing, divine feminine soul healer, wild heart whisperer and light warrior activator with a bit of a wild side.

And I empower women to awaken the divine feminine warrior within + set their hearts wildly free to Live BOLDLY, Love FIERCELY, Speak FREELY, Shine FULLY and Create MAGICALLY.


This program is for you if...
+You feel ready to see your life’s purpose with clarity
+You believe you are responsible for your own personal journey and creating you own happiness
+You are willing to get honest about how you have created every part of the life you are currently living
+You are committed to making some drastic changes to start living the life of your dreams
+You feel the only way to breakthrough is to do the hard work and face some hard truths
This program is not for you if...

+You blame others for the crappy things happening in your life
+You are looking for a quick-fix
+You are not willing to do some hard work
and do a deep-dive in order to learn more about yourself
and the meaning of your life

But, if you don't make this commitment to yourself today, you'll probably...
+Continue living the same old unhappy life
+Continue to live in fear and not achieve your dreams
+Always be wondering how your life might have been


Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other online programs?
There are literally thousands of healing programs out there on the market. While I can’t speak for all of them I can tell you that I have been where you are and I know how it feels. You have my guarantee and personal promise that the tools I share with you in this program have made the most significant difference in my life, and they can do the same for you. 

This course contains truly powerful meditations, mantras and exercises that have been specifically designed to help you connect with your higher wisdom and empower your intuition. They will give you the power to create a life, that up until now, you probably didn’t even think was possible.

How long will it take me to complete the program?
The program has been designed to be completed within 4 weeks. This would mean completing 1 module per week for a 4-week period. You can expect to spend an average of 2-4 hours per week on each module, with some exceptions. However, please note I strongly encourage all participants to take their time working through the meditations and exercises slowly BUT consistently. You want to make sure to get the most out of the exercises and meditations, while keeping the healing momentum going at the same time.
Will this work for both my personal and professional life?
Absolutely! Once you have connected with your higher wisdom and empowered your intuition, the skills and techniques used in this course can be applied to any area of your life in order to help you navigate with ease and certainty. Not to mention, when you become aware of and start taking steps towards achieving your purpose, everything else seems to naturally fall into place as well.
How long will it take before I get results?
As with all spiritual healing and transformational programs, you will start to see and feel the changes and shifts almost immediately. However, it’s important to keep in mind we all have our own individual array of blocks and fears to move through, most of which we do one layer at a time. As such, you can expect to continue to see and feel changes and shifts happening for the next 6 to 8 months.