Like I always say...we are constantly creating. The question is, do we actually LOVE what we’re creating?

I spent the majority of my life creating everything I DIDN’T WANT. But it took me just as long to finally realize that I myself was creating it. I constantly thought I was a victim of circumstance. It was as though everyone and everything around me was was to blame for my own unhappiness, and that I was powerless to do anything about it. Or so I thought.

So I did what any other self-defeating victim would do. I worked harder and tried harder to please everyone and everything around me. Because somewhere in the crazy madness of my mind, it made sense to me that if everyone else was happy with me, then I would be happy with me too. But the harder I tried, the worse things became. I tried so hard to please those around me that I completely forgot who I was. And the funny thing was that the harder I tried, the more people were actually displeased. Most of all...ME. Until suddenly...I simply could not take it anymore and I finally broke wide open! 

I finally clued in to what was going on behind the scenes. The unhappiness that I was experiencing was a direct result of my own self limiting belief. The belief that I was not enough! 

I wasn’t good enough
I wasn’t smart enough
I wasn’t loveable enough
I wasn’t pretty enough 

I simply was...NOT ENOUGH! 

And so began my journey of healing and transformation. Both internally and externally. And that has been the single most greatest journey of my life. That’s where I discovered who I was again and how so much more than enough I really was. And that I myself DID have the power to create what my heart and soul wanted most. 

That’s why I have devoted my life and work to helping others do the same. To finally believe that they are enough and that they too have the power to create a life that they love. 

We all have a purpose. A powerful reason for why we are here. And, who we are sent here as is exactly who we need to be in order to fulfill that purpose. This is why the soul is never pleased when we are anything but. 

The more we awaken to who we are, the more able we are to fulfill our purpose. That is where we ourselves find the fulfillment we seek. That is where we find the power to create a life that we love. 

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My intention for this blog is to share all that I have learned on my journey, as well as some of my own personal stories and experiences, in the hopes that it will inspire others to awaken to who they really are, so that they too can tap into the power to create their life on their terms. One that is complete alignment with their true essence and their highest intention. 

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