Do you sometimes feel as though your life is on the fast track to hell in a hand in a hand-basket? Does it feel like absolutely everything is going wrong and you can’t make heads or tails from anything that is happening in your life?
You may think that your life just simply sucks! But the reality is that you could be standing in the threshold of a spiritual awakening!

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening can be described in many ways. But to put it simply, in my own words:

A spiritual awakening is a deep transformation at a soul level, where you move further away from an egoic expression of self and move closer towards a more heart centered and authentic expression of self, leading you to an overall state of spiritual oneness and unconditional love.

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Sounds lovely doesn’t it? Well I can assure you that it doesn’t feel so lovely when you’re in it! But knowing that this what’s happening and being aware of what’s waiting for you on the flip side of this tsunami of change, is sometimes all that you need to get you through it.

Now this never happens overnight. It happens slowly, as you evolve layer by layer, often resulting in multiple spiritual awakenings in one lifetime, each time bringing you closer and closer to unconditional love and oneness. And it can happen to all of us, as we are spiritual beings having a human experience that has been divinely designed to help our soul to learn, heal and grow.

Here are 10 signs that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening:

  1. You have a frequent ringing sensation in your ear

  2. Your relationships start to fall away in extremely unexpected ways

  3. You find yourself spending more and more time alone despite the fact that you are feeling lonely

  4. You start to avoid or feel uncomfortable around confrontation and negativity

  5. The activities that once interest you no longer do

  6. You are becoming increasingly sensitive to your environment

  7. Your sleep patterns are completely on the fritz, waking up at odd hours and maybe even feeling pulses or currents moving through your body as your sleep

  8. You have a sudden urge to make a difference in your community

  9. You suddenly feel a strong connection to children, animals and/or nature

  10. You’re suddenly connecting to spiritual gifts that you had no clue were there yesterday

You might be thinking that sounds pretty crappy but here me out. If you are experiencing all or most of the above, your soul is speaking to you. So listen up!
Your soul is trying to tell you that it’s time to slowly let go of all of the superficial and egocentric habits, relationships and activities that are no longer serving you on your journey. They more you try to hang onto these things that you’re being called to let go of, the more painful the process will be for you. It’s time for you to open up to the unconditional love and oneness that the universe has promised to each of us.

By letting go of all that is not serving you, you allow for and make room in your life for everything that does.

Tweet it.

So just allow it to happen and have faith that something wonderful is waiting for you on the the other end. Welcome all of the new support and teachers that come to you along the way, and the new habits and activities they bring to you. For they are meant to bring you closer to a life filled with unconditional love and abundance.

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That’s all for now.
Massive love.