you never feel good ENOUGH?

This deep rooted belief that who you are is not enough, is often the result of an unhealed emotional trauma. One that is constantly working behind the scenes, to keep you from from creating the life you want by making you feel completely unworthy of it. Causing you to always settle for way less than you actually deserve.

In your career.
In your relationships.
And in your life.

I help women put an end to the pattern of settling for less, and finally tap into the power to create their life. On their terms.

These are women who are:

  • No longer willing to settle for less than they deserve.

  • Tired of waiting for permission to be who they really want to be.

  • Done trying so hard to be something that they’re not.

  • Over feeling as though who they are is never enough.

Are you ready to STOP SETTLING?
TO create your life?

On your terms?

I combine energy healing with intuitive consulting and coaching to give my clients the most holistic, powerful and transformational healing experience.

I'm a recovering people pleaser, coffee addict, notorious foodie, online shopaholic, and an extra obnoxious advocate of infinite love + freedom, with a mild but recurring case of terminal wanderlust.

A bit of a rebel both in my life and in the spiritual community, I’m the fashion major, turned leadership development program coordinator, turned Master Energy Healer and Intuitive Coach.

I made my radical shift years ago.

And I didn’t have a clue what it really was or where it would take me. All I knew was that I needed to make a serious change.

Since then, I have cried the ugly cries more times than I can count, I have fallen, I have gotten back up, I have screamed, I have died (spiritually speaking) and I have been reborn. Again and again...and again.

I have walked away from everything that wasn’t in alignment with who I really was and what I wanted, and I’ve created a life that in my wildest dreams I never believed was possible.

I have walked away from:

  • Relationships that didn’t value me, and where I constantly gave way more than I received.

  • A career that was absolutely draining my energy and felt about as enjoyable as swimming through quicksand.

  • A life that although looked really sparkly on the outside, was bringing me very little joy and fulfillment on the inside.

And now having gone though this experience, I have turned my pain into my purpose to help other women do the same.

I am not a feminist.
I am a feminine activist.

I believe that world's most untapped resource is our sacred feminine energy. Learning how to harness the power of this resource is invaluable. Once you learn the how to tap into this energy you will experience a life unlike you’ve ever experienced before. One where you can do anything, be anything, and have anything. As long as you know that you are worthy of it.

And yes, YOU are worthy.

Why Do We Settle?

We settle because we don’t feel worthy of having what we really want.
We settle because we’re afraid that if we hold our for what we want, we’ll be left with nothing.
We settle because if we actually get what we want, it will make others feel unhappy.

Stop Settling.

Make The Radical Shift To Start Creating Your Life. The Way You Want It.

Whether you’re looking for healing from a past trauma, need help guiding yourself back to sanity after a bad break-up, trying to find your purpose and place in this life, or if you’re simply trying to be the most authentic version of yourself, l can help you.

My work revolves around real women with real issues. If you’re ready to get to the bottom of the deep-rooted feelings that are causing you to feel like you’re stuck in the mud or idly spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast, I promise you are in the right place.

WARNING: To call me a potty mouth would be a gross understatement. I don’t have an inside voice (not even sure what that really means) and I have a movie quote for every situation in life. Few people ever really get my movie quotes, but that’s okay.

I have redesigned my wardrobe and my life more times than I care to count. And no matter what I’m doing, I am almost always listening to music.

I love singing and laughing out loud, even if I’m the only one in the room, and I believe that there is no greater gift for us to share than our own truth and authenticity. I believe in magic and miracles, and that we are all meant to live a life of infinite love, prosperity and freedom.

Other Fun Facts About Me.

  • Pippa’s my dog. She’s cute. She’s in charge. She knows it.

  • When I was younger I wanted to be a surfer when I grew up. Funny thing is I hadn’t yet seen the ocean.

  • In the summer I often forget the windows are open when I'm singing (really loud and totally off key) in the car.

  • I'm obsessed with action films and chic flicks. Can you say confused?

  • I once asked Santa for a life of leisure.

  • I'm stubborn. I’ve come to terms with it.

  • I love the snow but hate the cold?

  • I'll give up coffee when....oh right...never!

Most importantly, I believe that if you’re wildest dream doesn’t make you cry,

You’re just not dreaming big enough.





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